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How to buy a best air compressor pressure switch

How to buy a best air compressor pressure switch for you air compressor?

Because there are so many different types of air compressors, electrically driven, rotary screw, reciprocating and natural gas, a dependable air compressor pressure switch is key to the delivered service. An unloaded valve that senses line pressure and provides a control signal to system valves is a feature to make sure your air compressor pressure switch is equipped with.
Following introduction how to selecting the best air compressor pressure switch:

  • Pressure band: the minimum and maximum pressure that you can set. Some pressure switches might only work from 0 to 3 bars, others might work from 3 to 10 bars. Get one that's right for you. Most compressors will work around 6 to 7 bar.
    Also, make sure the delta-P (pressure differential) suits your needs. This is the minimum differential pressure that can be set (for example, to start at 6 bar and stop at 7 is 1 bar differential pressure).
  • Mechanical connection: You need some way to connect the pressure switch to the air receiver. Your old pressure switch used a particular connection (thread, diameter). Buy a pressure switch with the same kind of connection.
  • Power rating: Some pressure switches are used to directly switch on and off the electro motor. Make sure the power rating (amps or kilowatts/horsepower) is big enough for your motor. Other compressors may use an auxiliary relay to switch on/off the motor.
  • Integrated blow-down valve: On the smaller (home workshop / garage) reciprocating piston compressors, the blow-down valve / unloaded valve is usually integrated in the pressure switch. The blow-down valve will blow off any pressure in the pipe between the compressor and the receiver when the compressor stops. This is to make sure that the compressor can easily start (the electromotor is not strong enough to push the piston against the pressure at start).

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