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Air actuated switch PS-M8 for SPA,hot tub,food waste disposer

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product category: Multi Medium Pressure Switch
Model: PS-M8

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Product Detail

Air actuated switch/SPA air switch PS-M8

For equipment in wet environments,  air actuated switches/SPA air switches are the safe and economical solution. Applications range from medical operating room equipment to sewer cleaning machinery.

Air actuated switches/SPA air switches deliver complete electrical isolation with zero voltage at the point of actuation, providing critical benefits in a wet environment:

  • Safe: No voltage at the on/off button or pedal to shock the user or spark an explosion.  
  • Economical: Costs less than conventional controls.
  • Easy installation: No plugs, cable ends or sockets.
  • Reliable: Proven technology with no risk of electrical interference or spurious signals that may affect cables and other components.

Air actuated switch/SPA air switch PS-M8 has a snap action switching for higher current capacity, SPDT contact form and switch deadbands (also referred to as mechanical differential or hysteresis).
It can be used together with air button (also called as Actuator) for remote control purpose. It is widely used in food waste disposer, pumps for swimming pools and spas, hot tubs, sanitary equipment, out door machines, medical equipment etc. As a remote control switch, it is small enough to fix in the control box of the engine. Used as a remote control, the air switch has two actions:
1) Momentary action: when the air button is pushed, the air switch is actuated. When air button is released, the air switch will also be released. This is the way the basic pressure switches are working.
2) Alternate action (also referred to as latching or bistable): the first pushing on air button actuates the air switch, and the air switch keep actuating when air button is released. A second push on the air button will release the air switch.


 Model No. Air actuated switch/SPA air switch PS-M8
 Media  Air or other non hazardous gas, water
 Operating Pressure Range  20 mbar  to 1000 mbar
 Proof Pressure  50 PSI
 Operating Temperature  Range  -10° C to 85° C
 Contact Arrangement  SPST or SPDT
 Electric Rating  1/2HP 250V, for long distance remote control;
 2HP 250V, for high rating application;
 Other rating can be available on request
 Terminals  6.35 or 4.88 mm male Q.C.
 Connection  4mm OD tube,1/4 NPT male thread, 1/8 NPT male thread 

Conversion: 1Bar = 14.5PSI ,  1PSI = 68.95 mbar

Air actuated switch/SPA air switch PS-M8 is mainly applied to:

>>>Kitchen                                               >>>Bathtub

Air Actuated Switch System

***British standard single plug

***British standard double plug        

***Greater South Africa single plug   ***Greater South Africa double plug

***American Standard single plug    
***American Standard double plug

***European standard single plug   
***European standard double plug

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